Government Advisories

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January 21, 2022

Sierra Leone

National COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre (NACOVERC) Advises In-Bound Travelers To Use Trusted Travel

December 22, 2021


Guide To Using The African Union Trusted Travel Platform For COVID-19 Certificates In Niger

November 25, 2021


Guide To Using The Trusted Travel Travel Platform For Passengers And Other Parties Interested

November 16, 2021

Zanbibar – Tanzania

Letter Of Commitment To The Rollout And Implementation Of The PANABIOS SUITE Of Trusted Travel Systems

November 11, 2021


The African Union And The Government Of The Republic Of Togo Today Announced The Successful Deployment Of The Harmonized African Union Vaccine Pass Standard (Trusted Vaccines) And COVID-19 Testing Certificate Standard (Trusted Travel) In Togo

October 28, 2021

African Union

Showcase Of The Progress Of Trusted Travel And Unveiling The Trusted Health Paradigm Within The African Union’s 4D Agenda

October 21, 2021


Travel Advisory On The Launch Of The Trusted Travel System Under The Auspices Of The African Union Commission For The Verification Of The COVID-19 Test Result Certificates

September 30, 2021

African Union

Invitation To The Virtual Joint Meeting Of African Ministers Of Health, ICT And Civil Aviation On The Rollout Of The Africa Against COVID-19 “Saving Lives, Economies And Livelihoods” Campaign

August 23, 2021

African Union

Securing Your Country With Trusted Travel